News -2017 November – Exhibition

With the title “Artwork and Recovery”,from 16 November 2017 until 26 November 2017 an exhibition held by the Hungarian Psichooncology Society from art works of recovered cancer patinents. The exhibition was held on the occassion of the XXXII congress of the Hungarian Cancer Society in Debrecen, Kölcsey Center
5 of my photos were exhibited there


News – 201609

Enterior photos

In September, 2016 I made a new series of enterior photos with pleasure for Pension Gyöngyvirág in Kőszeg to extend the galleries of the Pension

From the new photos you can see under “Architecture – buildings


We also made some “pleasure photography” with Kriszta.
The photos will be under “portraits

Group Exhibiton with my photos:

2016 augusztus 13 – szeptember 2 – “SILENCE” – group exhibition held by the ABFA Ad Hoc Budapest Creative Photography Hub Association – where 2 of my photos were exhibited.
Location: Verőce Galéria (H-2621 Verőce, Árpád út 21.)

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News – 201607

Summer is here!
Have a nice holyday to everybody!

Some new photos in Portrait section:

We made some nice “fairy” photos in a forest with Kriszta


"Akit a mozdony füstje megcsapott..."

“Akit a mozdony füstje megcsapott…”

2016 – XXXIII. MAFOSZ Salon – On the exhibition one of my photos also will be exhibited with the title “Akit a mozdony füstje megcsapott…”. (Who is affected by the smoke of the locomotive…)
The MAFOSZ (Association of Hungarian Photoclubs) Salon opened on 9. July, 2016. at 17:00. Location: Ferenc Liszt Ferenc Conference and Cultural Centre, Sopron, Liszt Ferenc utca 1

You will find new photos in “Portraits” and  “Architectur – buildings” sections.

News – 2013 July

2013.07.28  You can find some new studio portrait photos at “”portraits”.
Have a look at it! Hope you will enjoy. If you like it, and would like something similar or something completely different, you can reach me through contact infos.


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